Warrior Challenge 2021 - HEAL

Take the 2021 Warrior Challenge

What time of year is most problematic for horses with CPL? So, what is the answer? Answer: All Seasons! Every month HEAL promotes Be Part of the Research Survey in our newsletter and on social media. This is one of the questions on the survey: What time of year is most problematic for you? Season …

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telepathic communication used by horses

Telepathic Communication

How Do They Know? Most people believe wireless communication is recent. It’s not! Animals have been utilizing their telepathic communication skills since day one! Time and time again I have witnessed—and been told by owners—the amazing incidents about how their animals use their telepathic communication skills. I find it fascinating. I would like to share …

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plans moving forward

So, What’s the Plan?

This blog is difficult for me to write because it is an emotionally-charged issue! I have received calls and emails requesting that I bail out horses who have Chronic Progressive Lymphedema (CPL) from the kill pen as well as from owners wishing to donate their horse to HEAL. There is nothing more that I want …

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Embrace Small Victories

 When I created HEAL, I knew the lives of owners and their horses could improve for the better.  What I didn’t know was how this program would benefit children and young adults with special needs. This is exactly what happened! Gwen, from the Netherlands, is a 16-year-old who has Rubenstein Taybi syndrome. Claire Schroijen works with kids and young …

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MLD for Covid?

HEAL has something special for you for this blog! So carve out some time and get your pen and paper out to take notes!This zoom call was recorded in May with Dr. Laperla as a guest speaker who specializes in immunology on the Elisa DiFalco “Lymph, Laugh, and Live Show”. Elisa is the founder of …

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Horse Sense

 HEAL had the opportunity to be a guest on our local radio show in March on WTBQ’s Horse Sense with hosts Christine Rolando & Kristen Sclanfani. HEAL is grateful for the opportunity to raise awareness about chronic progressive lymphedema in our community.

Be Bomb Proof

 By now we are totally entrenched in surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you are reading this, I assume you are a horse enthusiast and know the value of a bombproof horse. They are invaluable!! Horses can always teach us something! So, what did my horses teach “me” during this crisis? Be Bomb Proof!  As a part-time employee …

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Be Part of the Research in 2020

 Welcome to the first blog of 2020! If you read our February Newsletter, you will realize HEAL is looking forward to an exciting and productive year! My personal blog objective for 2020 is to provide you useful information where you can’t receive anywhere else!  I remember attending a workshop and the speaker said “Information is information. It only …

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Sense of Urgency

 In November, HEAL attended the 2019 Equine Affaire in Springfield, Massachusetts. I would like to thank all the visitors who stopped by our booth and shared their journey managing a horse with chronic progressive lymphedema or chronic swelling.Year after year the scenarios are all very similar. They experience the roller coaster ride of battling chronic swelling, additional vet …

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