Be Bomb Proof

Healing Touch

By now we are totally entrenched in surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you are reading this, I assume you are a horse enthusiast and know the value of a bombproof horse. They are invaluable!! Horses can always teach us something! So, what did my horses teach “me” during this crisis? Be Bomb Proof! 

As a part-time employee at a major hospital, all non-essential personnel has the option to be repositioned to provide support to the essential personnel during the pandemic. I chose to exercise the option and work some crazy long hours because there is a need! You have to be in the middle of the fire to know how hot it is! Witnessing and experiencing a pandemic first hand adds additional anxiety, frustrations, and fears which are in abundance on top of the ones you already have! It’s clearly a vicious cycle! 

One morning I stood at the kitchen window observing my horses eating hay. They didn’t have a care in the world! They were living in the moment. What a novel idea! I took a deep breath and exhaled my concerns at the moment. Then, it dawned on me to keep grounded and Be Bomb Proof! You know it takes practice and time to develop a sound bombproof horse. We are no different! We just have to practice it ourselves…every day! 

I am sharing my experience on what has worked for me to minimize the impact of this pandemic and to keep my marriage emotionally insulated as much as possible. Perhaps what has worked for me may work for you. 

  1. Spend More Time with your Horse- Get Outside and Grounded! 

Contessa, my mustang, really has missed me! It was so, so touching. I am getting tears in my eyes while typing this! Before going to work I was mucking the stalls, Contessa came up to me and just stood next to me. She had a tangled mane, was in much need of a good brushing (winter coat starting to shed) and attention. She just wanted a hug and I needed to give one! We both needed a sense of touch for reassurance. It felt so, so good! I untangled her mane, brushed, hugged, kissed and told her how much I loved her. She may have not understood the words but she could feel what I was expressing by my touch and loving energy. I was ready to face the long shift which awaited me. 

  1. Decide to be a Victor and Not a Victim. 

I realized I had a choice! So, I changed my attitude, guarded my emotions and practiced daily bomb proofing myself. I refused to succumb to the toilet paper craze. That’s fear-based! I’m practicing common sense! Think about it. The fact I am writing this blog is also a way to be a victor and not a victim. I am able to focus and be productive. Ultimately, help someone else. 

  1. Minimize TV and Internet News Access. 

My anxiety and frustrations dropped like a rock! I was obsessed with the news and following the events. Daily updates from the hospital are a must but obsessing about the news is NOT!! As much as the news is a source of good information, guard it appropriately! It could very well feed your anxiety and fears! 

  1. Practice Mindful Meditation and Gratification Daily.

For me, I use prayer and read scripture. Every morning and night I thank our Heavenly Father for his Blessings! I keep a deep sense of Gratitude! 

  1. While driving to work, I listen to positive uplifting messages daily via my favorite podcasts or DVD’s to help me grow and mature through this crisis. My radio has been turned off. I don’t even remember the last time I had the news on. I don’t want to hear anything stressful while driving to work. It’s not productive and I don’t want to dwell on something I can’t change. 

Summary. I have to be mindful of my own emotions and anxieties daily. But shouldn’t we be practicing this daily anyway? Since I have done this, life is emotionally back to being normal again. The everyday changes this pandemic has caused are no longer upsetting or stressful. 

Be mindful of this… At some point in time, we all will experience a crisis. No one escapes… I mean no one!! This crisis will pass in time but the emotional and spiritual toll may linger on for a long time and some may never get past it. 

Practice Bombproofing Yourself Daily… Now that I completed the blog. Guess where I am going now? You guessed it. Outside to see Contessa and the rest of the crew!