Embrace Small Victories


When I created HEAL, I knew the lives of owners and their horses could improve for the better.  What I didn’t know was how this program would benefit children and young adults with special needs. This is exactly what happened!

Gwen, from the Netherlands, is a 16-year-old who has Rubenstein Taybi syndrome. Claire Schroijen works with kids and young adults with various types of challenges. She utilizes her farm to help these individuals be the best they can be

Claire is also a student of HEAL studying to become a certified equine lymphedema therapist (CELT) for one of her horse’s has chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL). That’s enough for one person to handle!

I encouraged Claire to teach the layman’s grooming technique to them. It was based on my experience teaching kids at a horse camp the grooming technique. 

From the photo, you can see how Gwen methodical and focused she is on performing step 1. The horse clearly loves it and is enjoying the attention.  Win-win for everyone!  

I am so proud of her and for her, and the part HEAL is playing in her life! I am looking forward to seeing her learn step 2 of the technique and sharing it with you.

Any parent or professional working with challenged individuals know to embrace all the small victories when they accomplish something we generally take for granted!   

These challenged human beings often inspire their parents, educational staff, professionals, and others with their determination and tenacity to be the best they can be. They often accomplish more than what we imagined possible!

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