HEAL Why Go Th Distance

Why Go the Distance?

In our January 2021 newsletter HEAL announced the passing of Fuego, who had equine lymphedema. His owner and caretakers went the distance for the last few years.  They provided him the best of care and did everything possible because they loved him. Love is a synonym for sacrifice.  They fought an incredibly tough fight with numerous episodes of cellulitis, but they did one thing…persevered and never gave up! Fuego left everybody with something to ponder.

So, what did Fuego specifically leave me?  I personally and professionally matured with the determination and conviction to keep moving forward!

But how?

  • Creating a new mindset among equine community chronic progressive lymphedema and/or chronic swelling (equine lymphedema) can be managed.  
  • Experiencing how critical support and encouragement are to those battling this condition.
  • Witnessing the transformation from self-doubt to an empowered group of individuals, especially Emma, with a can-do attitude!

It is my hope Fuego’s team and especially Emma, who called me frantically one evening during an episode of cellulitis, will reflect on what Fuego left them.   She put her heart and soul into Fuego’s care.

No one said it better than T.S. ELLIOT:

“Only those who risk going too far will ever know how far they can go.”

Believe… in the possible