telepathic communication used by horses

How Do They Know?

Most people believe wireless communication is recent. It’s not! Animals have been utilizing their telepathic communication skills since day one! Time and time again I have witnessed—and been told by owners—the amazing incidents about how their animals use their telepathic communication skills. I find it fascinating.

I would like to share some inspirational examples of this and let it remind us of how we are all connected to the Divine—Our Creator!

A recent student from the Fundamentals of Equine Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) course was performing MLD on her horse, Hunter, who has chronic swelling in the leg and sheath. Her blind horse, Dollar, went to the main drain on the swollen extremity and began to nudge it to activate the lymph nodes in the point of the neck. She also commented that Fuzzy, her third horse, decided he wanted some MLD too! He came by and just stood there waiting his turn. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

While in Wyoming, Gracie, the donkey (also known as “The Supervisor”) came strolling into the arena followed by some goats. There were four groups of students performing MLD. Gracie, assessed each group and then decided which group with which she was going to participate.

In Summary…

These horses don’t know what MLD is, but they knew they wanted it or knew intuitively what to do! When we take the time to close our eyes, quiet our minds and dump the clutter for a few minutes, we, too, can tap into our telepathic abilities and allow divine intervention to connect us. Horses are here to heal, and teach us about kindness and understanding to become better human beings. Make sure you are a good student!