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So, What’s the Plan?

This blog is difficult for me to write because it is an emotionally-charged issue! I have received calls and emails requesting that I bail out horses who have Chronic Progressive Lymphedema (CPL) from the kill pen as well as from owners wishing to donate their horse to HEAL.

There is nothing more that I want than to help every single one of them but I can’t! HEAL doesn’t have a facility to house them or the financial means to support them at this time.  Over time, I am hoping for this to change but for now it is out of scope for HEAL. horse with swollen leg

There are some very big hearts out there and I can relate to every one of them. I have seen this time and time again where people want to save them but have no plan! They have no idea what it takes physically and financially to restore these majestic animals.

It’s like having champagne taste on a beer budget. CPL horses are high-maintenance horses in general. However, when coming from a kill pen they often have multiple and complex conditions requiring extensive medical care to restore them to the best they are going to be. Are they worth the effort? You bet they are! But without a sound business plan, a formidable stream of income, and a re-homing plan, rescuing is simply unrealistic at the moment.

If you really want to help these majestic horses and provide them the care they need, then we need a plan. Benjamin Franklin said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” HEAL tried this before and got caught up in the moment.  I am willing to try again but the next time with a solid plan and staff. So, contact me and let’s discuss this first!

To have a better understanding of the impact of CPL/chronic swelling, review this video: