Is it an Investment or Expense?

Certified Therapist Ceiridwen

Every call or survey I receive, owners are looking for a solution to resolve their horse’s chronic swelling issues, whether it is truly chronic progressive lymphedema (designated for draft/draft crosses only) or equine lymphedema or chronic swelling which does not go away.

Over this past summer, I had the opportunity to counsel several horse owners regarding their horse’s chronic swelling.  What emerged were marketing lessons “they” have taught me! Just because I have a solution for them doesn’t mean they want it!  As much as I want to help everyone who calls me, I’m learning to be “respectful” of how my time is used and to differentiate between those who truly desire my services and want to manage the chronic swelling vs. those who are shopping around for something less time consuming, less labor-intensive, and more economical. There are many reasons why owners shop around, which I totally respect (I shop around, too!).

To be respectful of our time, I want to clearly understand their needs and goals to see if HEAL’s program is a good match to obtain the client’s desired results. Can I help them and will they benefit from my services? Here is what I learned this summer. 

My experience has led me to understand clients fall into two categories. Those clients who see this opportunity as an investment vs. expense.   

Here are common elements both clients express and experience:

  • Spent-emotionally drained
  • Frustrated
  • Confused
  • Isolated
  • Loss of productivity
  • Financially drained-with little to no results
  • Experience “What is it this time?”
  • Scared
  • Lack of support

If the investment and expense minded client have similar experiences and challenges, why is it the investment minded client vs. expense client have better outcomes?

Here is my observation:


  1. The answer, I believe, lies in their thought process. It is how they see their situation. The investment clients are eager to learn as much as they can about their horse’s condition. They are willing to “risk” something different since the traditional pathway hasn’t yielded the desired results.
  2. These clients have made a commitment and have made time to invest to potentially change their outcome. They understand this is a chronic progressive condition and desire to know the best protocol to manage it. They understand flare-ups will happen. They focus on what can be accomplished.
  3. They are anxious to follow my recommendations to provide their horse relief. It eliminates feelings of helplessness. It gives them a sense of control and empowerment.


  1. The expense client is resistant to your recommendations to self-educate themselves. It’s in how they express themselves and their concerns. There is a disconnect between what they want to accomplish and what they are willing to commit to in order to accomplish it.
  2. Many tell me “I am not spending another dime!” Many have hit their financial limits, and I respect that.
  3. No matter what solution is offered, they find a reason why it can’t work!  


In the past, I have shared my knowledge, skills and personal supplies to help an owner and their horse. HEAL is proud to share that 100% of the horses utilizing the HEAL program showed improvements! It was the owner’s lack of follow-through which prevented them from maximizing the full benefit of the program. 

I will continue to offer my services to every single person who reaches out to me because that is my commitment!  In the future, I will invest my time and energy with owners who possess the investment mindset. The ones who strive for results and increased productivity.  This is what the HEAL program is about!    Since I cannot help every horse which comes across my path, I must choose the ones I can help successfully, with clients who will invest their time and finances. I put the rest in God’s healing hands!