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Big Ben

Meet Big Ben, the living ambassador for equine lymphedema. Big Ben represents ALL horses who have been inflicted with lymphedema, regardless of breed. His message is “I am worth saving!” Watch his story


A passionate draft horse owner, Adena believes in HEAL’s mission to help raise awareness, educate and empower the equine community about equine lymphedema.


Adena rescued a Belgium draft named Mya and has been able to rehabilitate her via nutrition and HEAL’s management protocol for lymphedema. She was so touched by the experienced she wants to the equine community know these horses have VALUE and are worth saving through education. So she purchased Big Ben to champion the cause.  Follow us on Facebook for updates to Big Ben’s progress. 


Like watching the ripple effect of a single raindrop falling into a pool of water, one act of kindness can change many lives! Here is how Big Ben made an impact!  


Horseworks Ranch & Rescue, Inc.


  • Big Ben was in quarantine at Horseworks Ranch & Rescue, and under the care of Steve Isenhower, owner. Steve so taken with Big Ben that he has narrowed the focus of his rescue to drafts, particularly Belgiums. Many of these Belgium horses have chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL).


  • Meet the ‘border horses,’ Sarge, Gunny and Persey. These horses were being shipped to Mexico for slaughter and were at the Laredo border when Steve negotiated to return the horses to his facility (an 8 hours’ drive). Steve raised $2700 for their bail, and now they are safe!

Persey is an 8-year-old Belgium mare with CPL on her left hind leg. A little shy, she wants attention only on her terms.
Gunny is a 10-year-old Belgium with CPL in the right hind leg. Very sweet and docile.
Sarge is an 11-year-old gelding with CPL in his left hind leg. Loves to be brushed!

Steve has since rescued Big Mama, Leo, Eddie, and the list goes on. Big Ben doesn’t know it, but he has saved almost a dozen horses. This is impressive when you consider he can’t read, write or speak, so we humans will do it for him!


HEAL is working with Steve to raise funds to rehabilitate and rehome these magnificent animals. We will be implementing better nutrition and HEAL’s management protocol for equine lymphedema.


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