HEAL 2021 Lymphatic Webinar Series

Welcome to HEAL’s Lymphatic Series Webinars

Setting the Record Straight 

More than 20 years ago when our founder Theresa Mueller started her journey in this profession, very little was known about the equine lymphatic system and equine lymphatic disorders. Unfortunately, that still holds true today. HEAL’s Be Part of the Research survey indicates there is still plenty of work to be done revealing many myths and misconceptions about the equine lymphatic system.

HEAL is inviting all equine practitioners of all disciplines to attend our new HEAL Lymphatic Series webinar. These free webinars will raise awareness and educate equine practitioners about equine lymphatic issues. 

The webinar series will share knowledge and experiences from trained professionals so you can apply those tools to your practice, and share what you’ve learned with clients about equine lymphatic disorders.

Who is This Series For?

This series is perfect for all professional equine practitioners from all disciplines who want to stand out from their peers. Through this series you will gain a better understanding of equine lymphedema and learn holistic natural remedies for this chronic equine condition.

  • Equine Massage Therapists
  • Equine Bodyworkers
  • Vet Techs
  • Horse Trainers
  • Equine Rehabilitators
  • Farriers
  • Veterinarians

Together, we can raise awareness and educate the equine community about equine lymphatic issues and provide a better quality of life for our horses 

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From new practitioners to the most advanced, there’s useful information for everyone.

For more information, email Theresa Mueller at tamueller@healequine.com

As an equine professional, do you think flies are attracted to the sweat on your horse? Think again!

Flies often have a strategic reason for landing on specific parts of a horse's body. It is just not to make your horse miserable and you "fly crazy"! This free webinar will tell you why they do it, what it tells you about the horse's health, and what therapeutic modality is best to address this issue! Until then...keep swatting those flies!