HEAL Lymphatic Curriculum 2024 Training Schedule

Equine Professionals

Introduction to Connective Tissue & Equine Lymph System is primarily for equine professionals whether you participate in the HEAL Curriculum Program or just want to whet your appetite for one course to elevate your awareness about equine lymphatic system and disorders.

HEAL professionals who have purchased Professional level program, contact tamueller@healequine.com with your desired dates for the Introduction to Connective Tissue to obtain your registration code.

All other professionals and simply click on the register for the Introduction to Connective Tissue & Equine Lymph System

What you will learn in the "Introduction to Connective Tissue" 3-hour Webinar:

It will change how you see your horse’s health as well as yours!

  1. Gain insight into why cellulitis is a red flag and how a basic professional curriculum can be a potential game-changer in managing chronic cellulitis and chronic progressive lymphedema!
  2. Identify the equine lymphatic system's highway systems and how they impact common equine disorders and equine myofascial pain syndrome.
  3. Understand how connective tissue impacts conditions such as tendonitis, root canals, cardiovascular issues, dementia, cancer, viruses like COVID, and other chronic conditions.
swelling disorders

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