You are on our website because you have concerns about this condition. If your horse has been diagnosed, we encourage you to please help us with our research. Click the link below and complete our brief assessment form. We would also love to hear from you. Email us your concerns and share your story. Please include photos of your horse, including a full body picture of each side plus a separate photo of the afflicted limb(s). One of our therapists will respond. A consultation may be required, but we’re happy to answer any questions we can via email.

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If your horse has been diagnosed with equine lymphedema, or if you have a draft horse who has been diagnosed with chronic, progressive lymphedema, and you need answers, or you simply want to understand this condition, please complete the form below to schedule a one-hour consultation with a passionate, certified therapist. We will email you a confirmation, based on your availability. There is a consultation fee, so please have your credit card handy for your scheduled consultation. You may also use PayPal. We know equine lymphedema is a challenging condition for both horse and horse owner, and we are here to provide support and counsel.

Our consultation fee is $125 for one hour. If you wish to spend more time with our certified therapist, you will be billed $30 for each 15-minute increment beyond one hour (60 minutes).

Why do we charge for consultation?

We continue to receive inquiries not only from the United States but as far away as Turkey and New Zealand. With limited resources and only so many hours in a day, we must reserve our time to assist those individuals who want to take decisive action to help themselves and their horse. Every case is different as there are various stages of this condition. The time spent is for your benefit and will help you make an informed decision regarding your horse’s condition and what is appropriate for you. By actively listening, we can better understand your needs and

  • Answer your questions and concerns
  • Elevate your awareness about equine lymphedema
  • Provide caring, thoughtful and honest recommendations based on your commitment, time and finances.

In summary, the consultation fee is money well spent to determine your next step. As with any medical condition, early intervention is key. Let us help you.

We encourage you to also enroll in the appropriate online course. Developed precisely with you in mind, this online course provides a high-level overview of equine lymphedema and the equine lymphatic system, as well as suggested holistic alternatives. It’s a course of empowerment. We take a highly emotional issue and break it down into logical, manageable steps.

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